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Steve Miley

November 11th, 2021

The lowest fees on our survey come from, with commissions at zero and no “hidden” charges. This is clearly attractive, though the limited offering of investment options and lack of web-based or desktop trading platform mean comes up short for an investor or trader looking for the complete package. Previously better known for its CFD trading platform, have branched out to offer direct investing and trading in shares. pros & cons


  • Zero commissions or fees for stock trading.
  • A very user-friendly mobile app for charting, trade execution and position monitoring.
  • Given the low cost, solid education and research videos and articles.


  • Limited offering of investments of shares and CFD trading; no government bonds or funds.
  • No web-based/desktop trading platform; all trading and charting is done through the app.
  • No SIPP or ISA account options for U.K. residents who are looking for tax advantages of these products.

Overall summary
Overall 4 Stars
Offering of Investments 2.5 Stars
Commissions & Fees 5 Stars
Platform & Tools 0.5 Stars
Research 3.5 Stars
MobileTrading 3.5 Stars

Commissions & fees

There are no fees or commissions for stock trading and investing trading at Usually, after such a statement, we would go on to point out the “hidden” fees, such as withdrawal and/or deposit charges, inactivity fees or even that the spread between the buy and sell price is much wider than with other brokers. But this is not the case with share dealing at There are no fees for deposits and withdrawals, no inactivity fee, and the bid/offer spread is very competitive with market leaders in our testing.

Note that should you decide to trade CFDs with, there are fees for holding positions overnight and for guaranteed stop losses. pricing summary:
Minimum Deposit£20.00
Share Trading: 0-9 Deals/ Month£0.00
Share Trading: 10-19 Deals/ Month£0.00
Share Trading: 20+ Deals/ Month£0.00
Annual Custody Fee: £0 - £250,0000
Annual Custody Fee: £250K-£500K0
Annual Custody Fee: £500,000 - £1m0
Annual Custody Fee: £1m and over0
ETFs - FeeN/A
Investment Trusts - FeeN/A
Telephone Dealing FeeN/A

Mobile trading apps

Overall, provides one of the more user-friendly, though limited mobile experiences on our survey.

Two apps are available at, a stock trading app and a CFD trading app, and you can switch between accounts from within both. For our review, we’ve focused on the stock trading app. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. also has a stand-alone app, Investmate, which houses educational content.

Stock trading app: All stock trading at must be done via the app. If it were an addition to a solid or even basic web-based or desktop trading platform, we would be okay with what’s on offer. Viewed on its own merits, the app lands toward the bottom end of our survey, with standard functionality such as a watchlist and a decent charting package; it also has the ability to view current news and analysis. But given that all interaction with your stock trading account is done via the app, we feel it is too basic and therefore somewhat disappointing. (See our 2021 picks for Best Mobile Trading Apps.) trading tools:
Desktop Platform (Windows) No
Web Platform No
iPhone App Yes
Android App Yes
Stock Alerts Yes
Charting - Indicators / Studies76
Charting - Drawing Tools17
Charting - Notes No
Charting - Display Corporate Events No
Charting - Stock Overlays No
Charting - Index Overlays No


Other platforms & tools

There is no desktop or web-based trading platform for the share dealing account. Yes, there is a trading platform for the CFD account, but this does not currently link to the share trading account. So, while you can do some analysis on this platform, the actual shares are not available on this platform; only the CFDs on the shares.

Similarly, within the CFD account also provides the ability to link to the increasingly popular TradingView web-based charting and trading platform. Again, however, this is not an option with the share dealing account.

The only charting and execution available for the share dealing account is via the mobile apps. The integration of the CFD charting and trading platform to allow for share trading and the ability to use the TradingView platform will be key developments for going forward.



The research offering for share dealing is mixed. On the one hand, there is very little — practically nothing, in truth — with regard to the microeconomic details of the individual companies, such as financials, ratios or ownership. On this front, is below par.

But they do offer video and written reports and analysis on stocks in the news, such as AMC or Tesla in the U.S. and RightMove and Rolls Royce in the U.K. Research on the bigger-picture, macroeconomic outlook for the global and national economies, as well as for broader markets, is of a good standard. The news section has in-house commentary and a section on upcoming IPOs. The firm’s YouTube channel has regular video analysis on oil, gold and forex, and, less frequently, on individual stocks. There are also weekly webinars, mostly focussed on macroeconomic and bigger fundamental themes.

Overall, has a decent offering of research that would benefit from more depth to the individual stock financials and metrics. research:
Research - Shares Yes
Research - CFDs Yes
Research - Funds No
Fund Research - Research Reports No
Research - ETFs Yes
Research - Bonds No
Portfolio Allocation Breakdown No


Offering of investments provides a limited offering of stocks; there are over 1,000 stocks available, but this is far from exhaustive, particularly when compared to market leaders such as Saxo and Hargreaves Lansdown. Furthermore, there is no option to invest or trade in funds or government bonds. This means that investors and traders looking for a one-stop shop for all their investing needs may find that falls short.

The CFD and spread betting offerings from are far more complete. We would like to see add to the funds, investment trust, ETF and bond offerings in future. offering of investments:
Share Trading Yes
CFD Trading Yes
Funds No
Bonds - Corporate No
Bonds - Government (Gilts) No
Investment Trusts No
Spread Betting Yes
Advisor Services No


Wide-ranging, in-depth and well-presented educational content in both written and video format places’s offering significantly above the average on our survey, which we applaud.

Investmate: This stand-alone, in-house educational app, which is available to download by anyone, houses over 30 segmented courses, with goals spanning “Learn the ABCs of finance” through “Become an expert on CFD trading” to “Learn how to predict trends.” Each learning section and goal is broken down into bite-sized lessons and presented in a gamified way, which makes learning more user-friendly.

There are regular quizzes along the way to check your understanding of key concepts. Your progress is monitored and you can set daily goal targets. The education is offered in four languages: English, Russian, Spanish and German. Overall the app is a solid addition to an already healthy educational section.

Further educational offerings include:

  • Written and video guides: A series of guides covers trading different products and asset classes such as shares, commodities, forex, commodities and ETFs, as well as trading strategies and psychology.
  • TV: A detailed and far-reaching catalogue of video educational content is bannered under TV, housed on the website and at its YouTube channel. Playlists are divided into market outlooks (more research), essentials (covering market basics), strategies, psychology and broader education.
  • Online finance courses on trading: There are five written courses, incorporating between four and eight lessons each, covering basic topics such as “What is the bid/ask spread?” through to the more complex “What is an IPO?”
  • Glossary: An extremely comprehensive glossary of terms with hundreds of terms, described in significant detail. education:
Has Education - Share Trading Yes
Has Education - Funds No
Has Education - Retirement No
Client Webinars Yes
Client Webinars (Archived) Yes


Final thoughts

Having only ventured into offering stock trading in 2021, the overall package from is mixed. Clearly, zero fees and commissions is going to grab the attention of more regular traders and investors, though the limited offering of assets to trade and invest in will disappoint many. The absence of a web or desktop platform may put off the charting addicts, whilst the lack of company fundamentals could frustrate those looking to do deep research.

The solid news and analysis section alongside a robust educational area are certainly significant positives. We look forward to watching build out its stock trading offering going forward.

About is a privately owned company licensed by the FCA, ASIC and CySEC and boasts over 1.8 million clients worldwide. With offices in London, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Belarus and Melbourne and support for 24 languages, it’s truly a global offering.


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